Program Description:


A Fashion PR training program integrates real life case studies and practical Fashion projects working with both local and international brands into the framework of International PR training. 

Program Outline:



•   To establish brand positioning and target audience

•   Define the brand’s PR goals

•   Create and/or adjust press releases/press kits/look books/shootings and catalogues

•   Create PR angles and stories to pitch to media

•   Manage media relations

•   Distribute material to international press

•   Monitor editorial plans and analysis of results

•   Manage content database

•   Initiate and manage strategic partnerships, promotional inserts and collaborations


Social Media

•   Digital media management and monitoring (Facebook, Instagram..etc.)

•   Create contents for social media and website

•   Research bloggers and influencers each brand can work with

•   Distribute press releases and news to bloggers and influencers


Event Organization 

•   Create an event concept

•   Scout for an event location

•   Manage set up, scenic design, catering, entertainment and rundown

•   Coordinate material production

•   Create invitation (email and/or print)

•   Manage mailing/guest list

Program Duration & Dates:

Kindly note that this program is now full.  



Due to the nature of the program, only advanced candidates from TFS current students and alumni will be selected. 


Program Description:


The renowned Fashion Styling & Art direction program at TFS gets its reputation from integrating practical work experience in the fields of editorial, personal and commercial Fashion Styling alongside the theoretical program that covers everything from the fashion cycle, trend forecasting, brand identity, the fashion figure, and more.


Learn how to create professional Fashion Proposals, moodboards and visual aids by efficient methods of research using professional resources available in the international Fashion industry. 


Fashion Stylists are the storytellers, and art directors behind some of the industry's most powerful images and brands. This course also focuses on catwalk, celebrity & editorial styling, as well current trends in street-style.

Students will learn the behind-the-scenes preparation and organization that goes into shooting the smallest budget campaigns to large scale productions, equipping them for further experience and work opportunities in the field.


Program Outline:

-The Fashion Cycle (20 Year, Pendulum, Bell Shaped Curve)
-The Art of Fashion Composition
-Creating Concepts: The Fashion Proposal

-Moodboards & Visual Aids
-Dressing the Fashion Figure, Fabrics, Textures and More.
-Editorial & Celebrity Styling

-Commercial & Wardrobe Styling
-Clients, Contracts & Jobs


Program Duration & Dates:

4 Sessions (2.5 Hrs)

Once a week 7:00-9:30 PM

Up to 10 Students per Course Cycle


Application: E-mail for details 





Workshop Description:


Join our intensive Weekend Workshop that focuses on the editorial/celebrity styling and image-making modules from our renowned Fashion Styling & Art Direction course. 

Participants will learn

-How to Dress the Fashion Figure, Body Types and Balances, Fabrics, Textures and Colour Theory
-Editorial & Celebrity Styling

-The best resources for Fashion Imagery

-The Art of Fashion Composition

-How to Create Concepts: The Fashion Proposal/Moodboards*

-How to research your Theme

-How to Prepare for a Fashion/Editorial Shoot
-Clients, Contracts & Jobs

*Practical In-Class Projects will take place.

Workshop Duration & Dates:


2 Days/5 Hrs (Friday & Saturday) from 1-6 PM



(VM) WORKSHOP (2 Days)


Workshop Description:

Visual Merchandising is the art and science of creating a memorable store experience for your clients desired customer demographic. The focus of this Weekend Workshop is to understand the ins and outs of consumer behaviour and the customer journey through a retail environment and how exciting displays and merchandising could lead to more sales. There is a practical segment to this workshop in which students will develop and design window displays


Participants will learn:


• Role of a Visual Merchandiser

• Understanding the importance of brand identity and the theory of Interior Visual Merchandising

• Dressing & Styling for mannequins

• Understanding Customer Journey

• Designing window displays, and in-store installations + Compositional Techniques

• Understanding Customer Demographics & Psychographics

• Practical workshop to design and create own window

• How to work with Sales Team & Marketing Team to maximise on Sales


Workshop Duration & Dates:


2 Days/5 Hrs (Friday & Saturday) from 1-6 PM